Saturday, February 26, 2011

Kariba Sunsets - Incredible!

It's difficult to describe the feeling one gets when the sun sets on Kariba.  These pictures can only capture the beauty of the colours.  There is so much more to it however.  The softness in the colours remains, yet the variation in shades and shapes is constantly changing and it lingers on through the first few hours of the night, only to be replaced by the sparkling lights of ancient celestial bodies.  Everything is perfectly in tune at this time.  You are not a stranger as your being extends into the sunset itself and the ever evolving calm is embellished by the humbling revelation of the night.  The sun gives the world life and at times its energy can be harsh, but here the conditions make for a perfection that is as close to God as one could imagine!


  1. Wow! These pics are incredible...especially the first one - competition stuff!

  2. Many thanks indeed! The sunset does the work - it was pretty much a case of point the camera and shoot.